Martin from Training Needs Plus has taken first aid classes with our Year 7 children for many years. The boys and girls have always found this a memorable and rewarding experience. He has a great ability to make the learning process fun and stimulating. 

Martin has also run classes for teachers, classroom assistants and supervisory assistants. These have provided excellent training in a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you Martin and Training Needs Plus for all you have done for Kilmaine over the years.  

­­Billy Rea Vice Principal : Kilmaine PS 

Training Needs Plus have been delivering courses within our school for a number of years now and there’s a reason we keep asking them back – they’re the best around! The facilitators of the course have left a huge impression on any of our students whom they have come in contact with, building excellent relationships, and sending the pupils away with the skills to ensure they can deliver the most effective emergency treatment before the professionals arrive. In fact some of our pupils have enjoyed it so much they have furthered their own careers in this field! 

Preserving Life, Preventing the situation from worsening and Promoting Recovery are the aims of Training Needs Plus and they have always matched that and more. The courses are enjoyable, educating, insightful and real world specific. For First Aid needs there’s only one place to go!! 

 Finnian Moriarty Head of Sports Studies : Omagh CBS 

I have known Martin from Training Needs Plus in a professional capacity for a few years now and his quality of training is exceptional. I undertook training with him myself in connection with my place of work, I found him to be always professional, efficient and his attention to detail is brilliant. Training Needs Plus were very p­­rofessional when I asked them to deliver training to an organisation I am involved with. 

The leaders in the Catholic Guides of ­­Ireland have availed of Training Needs Plus's knowledge over the last 3 years and they have delivered training to approximately 60 volunteers in that time. Training Needs Plus always accommodates the leaders: – ensuring they deliver at dates and times that suit us (many others do not offer this flexibility) - as they are volunteers who also hold down jobs and many of them have families too. I wou­­ld definitely recommend Martin and Training Needs Plus for all first aid needs be it to adults or children. His work is brilliant. I have never heard anyone complain about his standard of training; it is first class. 

­­Sharon Devlin Lagan Area Commissioner : Catholic Guides of Ireland.

Martin and Training Needs Plus have delivered excellent bespoke first aid training courses to our youth and community organisations in Cavehill Methodist Church. Martin's expertise and ability to teach these important lifesaving skills to all ages was demonstrated in his programmes with our Robins and Eagles (boys aged 4 to 8) and to the mummies/grannies of our Parent and Toddler group. Both groups sessions were interactive, informative and everyone left feeling confident in knowing how to respond if a first-aid situation arose. I will continue to use Training Needs Plus for future training needs and recommend them as a First-Aid Training provider. 

Keeva Watson Family Worker : Cavehill Methodist Church


Feedback from participants

" Brilliant training, highly recommend this to everyone"

" Well delivered. Very informative and explained and taught with helpful reminders"

"Very good. Martin has an excellent way of presenting the training to keep it interesting and keep it moving" 

" Very well delivered. Made elements more fun and more likely to remember"

" Very good- informative, fun, engaging"

"I thought the training gave a great understanding of everthing without making things too complicated " 

" Excellent training"

"Solid all round learning experence"

"Excellent trainer" 

" Fantastic delivery, plesent, fun and interesting. No rambling or side tracking or time wasting"

"Went over things that I had worked through before but made me feel more confident"

"Very thorough. Covers everthing in enough detail. Nothing is to complicated ie. terminology/jargon" 

" I liked the practical elements and how interactive our trainer was"

"Great interaction in the groups and from the trainer with more practical work than all pictures and diagrams"

"Informative, right amount of practical/theroy, good skills and knowledge" 

" Excellent course, fantastic presentation and methods of teaching. Thanks"

"Very good course"

"Very informative and well explained. Thank you" 

"Good, comprehensive course" 

"Excellent course - Martin was interesting and very knowledgable"

"Was very easy to listen to and understand" 

"I felt the course was most beneficial. Excellent course, plenty of helpful information"

"Very good course, interactive and easy to understand" 

"Excellent course. Martin has a wonderful manner while teaching. Makes it easy to learn" 

"Very informative. Information related very well. Hands on made us more confident to cope with situations"

"Excellent course, trainer very knowledgable"

"More than met my expectations. Clear, precise information. Excellent" 

"This course was way better than I thought it would be. Learned a lot. Thought it was great"

"Enjoyed the course, trainer was excellent"

"Great course, Martin was brilliant, very knowledgable, interesting, enthusiastic. An excellent trainer and good fun"

"A good refresher, a great trainer, loads of information"

"Very well tutored"

"Very enjoyable refresher course - improves confidence in applying first aid techniques"

"Top grade- very informitive and a real asset for first aid in general"

"Martin is a great trainer and very informitive about all topics. All very usefull and practical"

"Very helpful, very informative, easy to follow

"Very enjoyable. Learnt a lot of new things. Very interesting, I feel like I have more confidence now"

"Trainer kept course light hearted while dealing with serious subject"

"Loved it. Well presented, funny but informitive"

"Simplicity, practical and excellent presentation throughout. Lives will be saved"

 "Excellent and useful course. Many thanks!"

 "Fun, interesting, engaging. Good to get practical  hands on experence"


 "Really enjoyed the class"

 "The course was really well presented. Serious topic - made fun"

 "Excellent Trainer" 

 "Martin was great - Best trainer I've had so far" 

 "Excellent facilitator"

 "Excellent course- well taught"